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Post Covid Window & Door Trends for the Modern Home

Last year was a C-R-A-Z-Y year with the worldwide pandemic and all the changes it brought. Lockdowns and stay-at-home orders drastically changed daily routines forcing more people than ever to work from home completely. All the emphasis on staying home coupled with a little boredom has given people the opportunity to concentrate on home improvements and innovations because it looks like this could be the new normal for a while. Here’s what’s trending in doors and windows and how the Aluminum Panorama Series by Door Gate Depot fits in.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

It seems that all this time at home has amplified the urge to connect with the great outdoors more seamlessly. Since you’re not leaving home as often, you may find yourself looking to create bright sanctuary spaces with purpose. One way to do that is to replace a dark drab set of windows on an outside wall is with a Carolina30 Series Sliding System by Door Gate. It offers a modern minimalist design while enhancing window light transmission and interior ventilation. The three-way sealing structure insulates from sound while preventing drafts. Even the concealed handle configuration stays true to the minimalist modern architecture.

Broad Clean Expanses of Glass

Trending toward taller, wider windows continues to scale and develop your wonderous views while corner windows illuminate and expand a room. They allow in up to 30 percent more sunlight for the ideal office space at home. As you strive to connect the interior and exterior character of your home, consider installing Aluminum Panorama Series Windows by Door Gate Depot. Not only do they offer architectural interest, but they’re fitted with thermally efficient argon glass and have a narrow design to complement modern styles.

Positions with Purpose

Now that you’re spending so much more time at home, you’re probably discovering a purpose for every space. If you’re more motivated than ever to add or upgrade windows and doors, then you’re right on target with modern design trends. Only now, it’s about more than just increasing value and energy efficiency. Though indoor air quality has been a topic of concern among builders for some time, the dawn of the pandemic helped educate homeowners on the importance of proper ventilation. Fresh air movement is a safety concern and the best way to ensure natural ventilation throughout your home is to place windows and doors strategically.

If getting used to the new normal means doing a little remodeling, then you’ll want to take these post covid window and door trends into consideration. Connecting seamlessly with the great outdoors isn’t just about aesthetics anymore, although they don’t hurt. With Aluminum Series Panorama windows and doors by Door Gate Depot, you can stay on-trend without sacrificing passion or purpose. Contact us today for a free quote.

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