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Five Things To Know About The Mackinac38 Folding Door Series

What do you need to know about Mackinac38 folding doors? These are some of our best-se

lling products, and they really deserve some coverage for those who are shopping for ways to upgrade and improve their properties. What’s so great about these door sets? A lot, really. People have been really amazed at how these look and feel after installation, and some of that really comes down to the engineering behind these products. We’ll go into some of that in this blog post, to show more about why these are popular.

Glass and Frame Color Options

One of the first things to know about these folding door installations is that you can get them in a wide range of bold colors. Unlike yesterday's clear glass sliding doors, the Mackinac series can come with red, green or blue tinted glass, or even other color choices like brown or gray. The frames, by contrast, can come with different types of walnut or hardwood green colors and styles in Italian wood grain patterns.

Letting Light In

Here's another thing to know about the Mackinac38 doors – these doors have a light transmittance rate of 83%. That means you'll get the natural light that you need in an interior space outfitted with these innovative folding doors. Worried about interior lighting? Natural light is best, we know that. And that’s also part of the design philosophy in play.

Glass Panes and Protection

In terms of the glass build, Mackinac38 doors are made with double pane 5 mm tempered glass. This helps with insulating and makes these folding doors extremely durable. You won't see people running through them and breaking the glass out of the pane (which can be scary and dangerous!). They are sturdy and secure double pane designs to stand the test of time when installed at your property.

Three-Way Sealing

The above-mentioned double pane design does something for sound insulation, and helps to seal out air and water. But there's more – a proprietary three-way sealing completes the picture to eliminate problems with water leaking in or inefficiencies in-home weatherization.

The doors even have a drainage system, much like your best municipal planning designs. Ok. That’s a bit tongue in cheek, but seriously, having this feature helps with glass door design, because of climate and environmental challenges you may face as you maintain a property.

Check out these stylish and attractive folding door options for a brighter interior space with versatile and transparent walls.

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