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Consider Interior Windows for Biophillic Aesthetics

You may be wondering what in the world are biophilic aesthetics and why would you want them in your house. Well, aesthetics relate to beauty and taste while biophilia refers to people’s innate tendency to connect with nature. So, biophilic aesthetics are quite literally connecting with nature in a beautiful way. That’s something everyone can appreciate, especially in their homes. Believe it or not, adding some interior windows to your home is a great way to do this and save some money on remodeling costs.

The Best of Both Worlds

It seems that everyone loves the idea of an open floorplan these days, but it can have its drawbacks. First, if you’re considering a remodel knocking down walls is expensive. You may need to hire an engineer to make sure you aren’t removing a load-bearing wall, then you’ve got to pay contractors too. Interior windows give you the best of both worlds. You still get the feel of an open floor plan with the support you may need from a structure. Plus, adding an interior window still gives you the option to separate spaces when you need to. Shield a messy kitchen from surprise guests with a simple curtain.

Lights and Illusions

Installing interior windows in strategic areas of your home can prevent dark gloomy spaces because light passes right through. It’s a great way to allow natural light to shine in during the day and reduce the number of bulbs it takes to light your home at night. Since glass reflects light, interior windows work like mirrors to make small spaces look bigger. Even a tiny room can look bright and open with the help of glass. Interior windows are also a great way to add character and style to your interior design without a lot of extra work.

Considering Interior Windows

Adding interior windows to the design of your home is a simple, wonderful way to open things up and bring more of the outside in. You get bright airy spaces and more natural air circulation in the process. If you’re considering interior windows, it helps to have blueprints for your home. They will tell you which walls are loadbearing as well as where to find pipes and wires. Consider the Aluminum Panorama Series Windows by Door Gate Depot. Their sleek modern design makes them ideal for seamlessly connecting with the great outdoors in style. Their sleek thin frame design features a thermal break structure for maximum efficiency and a posh elegant look you can’t help but love!

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